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Written on 1:33 PM by eiJu_wQ

First of all, thank you very much to the main admin, Mr Fatul aka e=mc2 for inviting me to be one of the admin of this blog. Tq3. Honestly, havin' difficulty here to accept ur invitation as i odi av 2 blog 2 handle n now THREE. aiyak3. nvm. hopefully diz blog are as popular as the prev utp blog...so..for all the admins..let's blogging!

My first post is about:

Where's MPPUTP & RM?

if y'all realize, these both club din really active as before. There's no comment/complain from my housemate saying that she's being caught by RM. if she did pun...the RM easily let them go. Hurm3. It's kinda weird actually as if compare to last sem, there's alot of HOT ISSUES regarding RM & the lover at our beloved UTP. Actually the RM din focus only at the lover, as long as there's a girl & boy 'berdua-duaan' (used bm as it sounds more real) they will go for them and say: What are you doing here? You shudn be here. Go home! n start their 'khutbah'. even my non-muslim friend also kena. aiyak3. well.. they are just being caring as our kakak n abang~

The last thing they do that which considered as one of the main issue for us is before convocation day where we receive a reminder from the head of RM everyweek, saying that..bla3...haha..lupa~ sumtg about convo la...den about hiburan..about guys n girls shudn mix during convo.. n so on. x ingat sgt~ huhu.
oya~ b4 symphony fest ada gak. the night b4 symphony fest ada gak dorg dtg ketuk pintu bilik. asking whether we go to the event o not. when u say yes...dey'll start bla-ing (sum ppl who kena told me that). luckily we din go so we're save!

MPPUTP also..less meeting. as some of my friends are MPPUTP-ian and last semester is one of their busy semester (i guess).
  • Meeting every week (i dunno wat dey're discussing) till my projectmates weren't be able to come for every meeting held by our club. aiyak3. can't blame him~
  • My friends have to escape some of her important lectures because of one of the activities held by MPPUTP or maybe...i dunno! haha. yang penting da kaitn ngn mpp la.
The last advertisement form MPPUTP (so far dat i realize) was about Kedai Kopi ka...(4get the name) aiyak3.and the bus from UTP to KL...

Last semester:
"Hey2..Do you know that MPPUTP/RM...bla3"
This semester:

see...the difference!!

Honestly, life has been boring without MPPUTP & RM. No hot topic & no big issue to talk about as both of the club do bring controversy to all UTP-ian. Miss ya~ haha.

**RM av a new interface lam w/site die. Plz visit: http://www.rakanmasjid.com/

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  1. hadio69 |

    dan semua terdiam~ haha

  2. DauS |

    terkesima~~ terlopong~~ lalala

  3. eiJu_wQ |

    =P yala 2...sume sama je~

  4. fara |

    huahua. merindui mereka? x)

  5. eiJu_wQ |

    fara jak rndu mereka~

  6. hadio69 |

    ouh invite din paiman lalala

  7. Rausyanfikir |


    Ni junior batch mana ni. Dah ada UTP Bloggers group?


    Semoga merancakkan lagi aktiviti aktivisme student UTP.

    Next mission: disband Conseq Management.

    Jemput ke blog senior: http://sosialiskanan.blogspot.com/

  8. sue-mai.al-musadda |

    hm..1 thing bout RM, i dunno la wat the heck they all doing..da UTP da approve activity2 tuh, xpyh la msk cmpr..kate nk produce well-rounded grad..klu x b'campur dgn kehidupan realiti kt luar tu, how the hell we suppose to be well rounded graduate??

    MPP, hm..couldn't care less..seems like MPP and RM pn org yg sme je..lantak hang la..jgn kaco hdp aku sdh..

  9. encikpundak |

    apahal la korang ni... ble da tade korang bising rindu. ble ade korang nyampah lak.



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